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Craig Nutt - Walnut Rocking Chair
Craig Nutt - Walnut Rocking Chair

Walnut Rocking Chair by Craig Nutt

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Contemporary walnut rocking chair by Craig Nutt.
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This rare classic walnut Rocking Chair by Craig Nutt has come to BuddhaBee Collection from a private collection. Craig made these in groups of three or six into the mid 1980's, making a total of under 20 chairs. The S-shaped back legs are steam bent, and the back spindles cradle the back. Craig said he rarely felt comfortable in a rockers because so many are precariously-balanced. He designed this chair to feel safe and secure. Mortise and tenon joints ensure a long life. The chair is made of air-dried Tennessee walnut with much richer coloration than typical kiln dried walnut. The scooped out seat is solid walnut. Very comfortable for most people.

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