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Let's ride - Front
Let's ride - Front

Going Nowhere Fast & Going Fast Nowhere - Donna Rizzo

Your Price: $300.00
Going Nowhere Fast & Going Fast Nowhere - the lives of a turtle and frog and their human riders
Item: DRSCMXCL21-22
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This whimsical woodland turtle moseys along with its rider to an unknown destination while the frog and its rider hops ahead.  Handbuilt stoneware sculpture.

Order both the turtle and frog sculptures   - 9% or $20 discount from combined prices
                                                Turtle                                                                  Frog
Dimensions:                  Going Nowhere Fast                                      Going Fast Nowhere             
                                      10.5" t x 7.0" d x 7.0" w                                     8.5" t x 6.5" d x 6.0" w 

Weight:                         12 oz                                                                 3.5 oz.                                         

Decoration:                  Colored glazes                                                Underglazes & stains   
                                      Underglazes and pipe cleaner (rope)                                    
Handbuilt stoneware sculpture

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