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Icepick to the Moon cover
Icepick to the Moon cover

Rev. Fred Lane and Raudelunas in Icepick to the Moon a documentary

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by Skizz Cyzyk, 2018, 99 minute documentary plus special features. Subtitles in English and Pig Latin
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"Anyone who cares anything about anything that's not for everyone should make it a point to [see this film]." -Savannah Morning News

Rev. Fred Lane, the pants-less strip mine crooner with band aids on his face is described by his obsessed fans as "subversive," "completely satirical, "the Dada Duke Ellington," and "Demon Frank Sinatra." His fans have spent years examining every detail of his albums, and yet whatever information they have found about their hero has only led them deeper into blissful confusion.

This award-winning documentary not only examines the cult of Fred Lane fans, but also pulls the curtain back on T.R. Reed, the mysterious artist responsible for Fred Lane, from his involvement in the Seventies with Alabama's wild countercultural Raudelunas arts collective, to his current occupation making whirligigs to sell on the juried arts and crafts show circuit.

ICEPICK TO THE MOON trailer from Skizz Cyzyk on Vimeo.

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