Mapula Embroidery - New Items on the Way - Pre-order now
We are pleased to share that the Mapula Embroidery Project members have been sewing busily in response to our recent order. We are pleased this new shipment should arrive in time for us to ship by December 14 - just in time to treat yourself or some other special person in your life. We will have a new supply of placemats coming, just in time to set a lovely table for the December holiday meals. These stunning works of art compliment all dinnerware, leaving the diners looking at exuberant scenes of animals, families, and more.

We're also bringing several new wall hangings that are alluring in the creativity and color and fauna. Seeing blue giraffes and baby rhino's has totally changed the way I 'see' animals in my dream life.

There's more..... Some of the wall hangings tell the story of current events. One that will be coming our way details the advent of COVID-19 and how it is addressed by the public, officials, community elders, healthcare workers, and others in South Africa.
This COVID-19 picture story is only one of many wall hangings that depict contemporary and sometimes political issues.

The Mapula project members have told the story of Nelson Mandela's funeral, the burial, the loving crowds, the military salute and more. Their interest in current affairs are not limited just to the African continent.

While visiting the Mapula Project in 2019 we purchased a large wall hanging of the O'bama family's last day at the White House with the staff and public waving goodbye as the Trump family is moving into the White House. I'll post that in another Mapula blog posting.

Right now we are starting with the COVID virus picture story and its impact on the world for our first topical piece. Please share you interest in other topical pieces.

Questions about care of these works have led us to conduct a test of cleaning by hand laundering. We were advised to hand wash with non-detergent cleaning solution - dish soap was recommended. Our test used Dawn dish washing solution. After gentle agitation in cold water, the item was rinsed, water was squeezed to the extent possible without twisting, then the item was laid on an absorbent towel, blotted with another towel, then air dried. A small amount of the black fabric dye was present in the water though it was negligible.

Once dry, the Mapula Project recommends ironing ON THE BACK with a low heat iron and a pressing cloth. The stitchery is acrylic embroidery thread so take care not to use too much heat or it will melt the thread. These items just need to be handled carefully but are not especially fragile.

I hope you find the Mapula Women's Empowerment Embroidery Project as inspiring as we do. Let us help make Mapula embroideries part of your home.

Best wishes, Linda