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Pillow covers - Mapula embroidery
Pillow covers - Mapula embroidery

Mapula Embroidered Pillow - Cushion Cover

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Hand embroidered Pillow Covers by Mapula Women's Empowerment Project
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Throw pillow - cushion covers with scenes of rural South African village life embroidered by members of a Women's Empowerment Project in Winterveld, South Africa. The exuberant scenes and designs shown on these covers are varied (our pick). Made of tightly woven black cotton fabric and cotton embroidery thread. Back is solid black fabric.

Fits a 16" to 18" throw pillow or can be used as a flat cushion cover. Throw pillows (16") are puffy; 18" pillows are densely stuffed.
16 1/4" x 16 1/4"

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If necessary, Mapula Emproidery Project creations may be gently hand washed in cold water. We are advised to avoid the use of detergents. If soap is necessary, try a gentle dish soap or other product intended for delicate textiles. Test on the back or inconspicuous location to be sure it does not affect the dyes. Blot and let air dry.

If necessary, iron at lowest (nylon/acrylic) setting on the back-side with a steam iron using an ironing cloth between the embroidery and the iron.

We completed a wash test with no ill effects, however, we assume no responsibility for damage you might incur in laundering.

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