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TA Vases-3 sizes
TA Vases-3 sizes

TA Vases - Timothy Weber (Select from 3 sizes)

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Hand thrown stoneware vases by Tennessee master potter Timothy Weber. White matte glaze on the outside and blue glaze inside and on rim. These vases are decorated with Weber's signature "TA" free glaze technique with cobalt blue, crimson, and yellow accents. Three sizes - Small, Medium, and Large.

Small TA Vase
Medium TA Vase
Large TA Vase
Dimensions: 7-1/4"h. x 3-1/2" dia.
Dimensions: 9"h. x5" dia.Dimensions:  10-1/2"h. x 6" dia.
Capacity: 36 ounces
Capacity: 52 ouncesCapacity: 88 ounces
Weight: 1.6 lb.
Weight: 2.4 lb.Weight: 3.4 lb.

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