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Funeral of the Great Father of Nation - Rolihlahla NELSON Tata MANDELA

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A detailed embroidered picture story of Nelson Mandela's funeral and burial, the esteemed 'Father of the Nation' for many in South Africa. 

This snapshot of the formal goodbye of South Africa to its first democratically elected President and anti-apartheid fighter, Nelson Mandela, was designed and stitched by members of the Mapula Embroidery Project. The Mapula Embroiders are an internationally celebrated women's empowerment project - this piece is a collaborative project of Joyce Baloye, Angeline Baloye, and Emma Baloye. Embroidered images emerge from the tightly woven black cotton background fabric with colored embroidery stitching. All edges turned and machine hemmed.  

Suitable for hanging from a rod (will require a pocket to be added to the back for rod) or framing if stretched over a frame (as artists' canvas is stretched) or hung in a 'shadow box' type frame.  Regardless of how this lovely piece is displayed, the solemnity of the event chronicled in such detail is appreciated.

Approximately 44" wide x 52" high. 

Materials: Cotton fabric with acrylic embroidery thread. 

The artists' names are embroidered at the bottom edge.


If necessary, Mapula Emproidery Project creations may be gently hand washed in cold water. We are advised to avoid the use of detergents. If soap is necessary, try a gentle dish soap or other product intended for delicate textiles. Test on the back or inconspicuous location to be sure it does not affect the dyes. Blot and let air dry. 

If necessary, iron at lowest (nylon/acrylic) setting on the back-side with a steam iron using an ironing cloth between the embroidery and the iron. 

We carefully test-washed a piece with dish soap with good results, but we are not liable for damage caused by washing. Our best advice is to wash only if necessary and then to proceed with care. 

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