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Savoy Queen - Craig Nutt
Savoy Queen - Craig Nutt

Flying Vegetables: Savoy Queen - Craig Nutt

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Tall cabbage inspired whirligig propelled by gilded cream separator cups stands on a pedestal, made by Craig Nutt.
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Craig Nutt created a series of Flying Vegetables between 1984 and 1989 that led to his well-known vegetable furniture and the Corncorde sculpture that was commissioned for the Atlanta airport just before the 1996 Olympic Games. At one time, every dairy farm had a cream separator on hand. Nutt found some cream separator cups at a junkyard on a trip to Iowa around the time this piece was made, and they give him a way to animate this cabbage and another piece based on a tomato. To compliment the regal purple of Savoy Queen, he covered the insider of the cups with 24 carat gold leaf.

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