Thankful in December 2021
This is an image of our new and most impressive Mapula Embroidery wall hanging that memorializes Nelson Mandela's funeral and burial. The love and respect for this freedom fighter is palpable. Striking! 

Since January 2020, we have been shaken as never before. We're not alone. 

While BuddhaBee Collection has always been an e-commerce store, business slowed to a crawl for many months - recovery popped its head in, and out, and back in, over the almost 24 months since the pandemic started. Though the pandemic is not over, life without art is an existence that is simply unacceptable. 

Thankfully, artists' creativity is their lifeline to the rest of the universe, lockdown or not. We're wading back into action. 

We've new creative works by existing BuddhaBee Collection artists and we've also expanded our artist group by one. David Greenberger has joined our select group of artists. We look forward to you exploring his talents whether they take the form of original drawings, recordings of stories set to music, short stories, or listening to interviews of him by others (NPR or This American Life). In short, he is a wonderfully multi-talented soul. Please visit to explore David's talents. 

While at, check out Donna Rizzo's new works and Timothy Weber's pots with lids (Ubu anyone?) Of course, that Craig Nutt piece you've been lusting after could be a perfect end-of-year gift for someone - maybe yourself!

Here's to a better 2022 as we all live safely while feeling our way around the post-pandemic (fingers crossed) universe.

Welcome back! Please tell us how we can better serve you!