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Alchemical-Rowdies - Say Day Bew
Alchemical-Rowdies - Say Day Bew

Alchemical Rowdies Trans-Idio (LP)

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Alchemical Rowdies

1981, Trans Museq 6 LP, New vintage stock in shrink wrap

One of the unforeseen benefits of the Raudelunas group releasing recordings (Say Day-Bew and Trans) in the 1970's was the discovery of groups of improvisors scattered across the globe. Idio-Savant was one such group in Richmond, VA. When Davey Williams and LaDonna Smith took their music on the road, collaborations were inevitable. Alchemical Rowdies is the result of one such collaboration.

* Guitar [Electric] – Davey Williams
* Illustration [Cover Drawing] – J. Pippin Barnett*
* Illustration [Label Drawing] – Rebby Sharp
* Percussion – J. Pippin Barnett*
* Recorded By – Bob Read*
* Saxophone – Danny Finney
* Trumpet, Horns [Alto] – Paul Watson (2)
* Viola, Violin, Voice – LaDonna Smith

Recorded August 3, 1981 in Falls Church, Virginia.

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