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Ubu Jars
Ubu Jars

Ubu Jar - Timothy Weber (Select from 3 Sizes)

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Handmade stoneware tall jar that resembles Pere Ubu, a character of Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi made by Timothy Weber. Price is per jar-photo with pair is to show typical variations between jars.
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Alfred Jarry’s scatological Ubu Roi opened in Paris in 1896 and signaled the coming upheaval in art of the 20th Century. Pere Ubu, a loutish, willfully ignorant potentate with a glutenous appetite and a correspondingly huge belly is the chief protagonist of the mock Shakespearian farce. The play and the character that has inspired artists from Picasso to Kentridge, is cited as a precursor to Surrealism and the Theatre of the Absurd. Ubu would come to symbolize the authoritarian impulses of many world leaders to come.

BuddhaBee observed an Ubu-like form in some master potter Timothy Weber’s footed jars and vases-and asked him if he would be willing to create some special jars as an homage to Pere Ubu. Based on Jarry’s famous woodcut, the Ubu Jar is glazed matte white with a carved ‘Pataphysical spiral on the belly. Pa Ubu’s Strumpot will hold 418 cubic inches of confections, enough to satisfy the most Ubuesque appetite. This should hold over 1,200 atomic fireballs. Also available in Ma Ubu (medium) size, and Baby Ubu (small) size.

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